1. hrrrthrrr:

    Some inspiration to start your week with. I fully support everything on this list! Especially number 24. 

    Anyone know who created it?

    Love this. Printing it off and putting it everywhere! (By everywhere I mean, in notebooks, workspaces, etc)

  2. Absolutely in love with this.


    Hot in Herre  |  Jenny Owen Youngs (Nelly cover)

    Why is it that I just found this song in my itunes?  I’ve been on a real Jenny kick the past few days.  She’s just really great.  Girl crush for sure.

  3. Love this


    My DIY panda hoodie.

  4. hrrrthrrr:

    You know….just work stuff. Boring. 

    so did not see that coming!

  5. (via witch-lyfe)

  6. lauriecallsen:

    This part gets me every time.

    I completely agree.

  7. Love this!


    Made a thing yesterday…

    I’d been wanting something to shove my laptop in, but hadn’t found anything I liked so I decided to just make it myself.  And I think it turned out pretty darn good!

  8. yes please.

  9. caryrandolph:

    Jimmy Buffett: “Cheeseburger in Paradise”

    ef yes

  10. hrrrthrrr:

    Carving the Mountains

    This….is….amazeballs. Check out this group of girls as they longboard through the mountains of Madrid. A perfectly shot video combined with lovely music and subjects. Makes me want to get a new longboard asap! (Which probably means I need to find a road like that too.)

    I want to be this cool.